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Connecting people, ideas and opportunities

Alpha Insight connects organizations with the solutions they need through our series of branded events, conference management services and strategic marketing program development.  We are experts at producing professional forums that provide customers with timely, actionable information and robust networking opportunities.  From focused executive briefings to full-scale conferences, Alpha Insight creates memorable, high-quality events and communications programs that deliver bottom-line results.


Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events.


Cade Burks
Big Data Energy Services

The conference was a perfect combination of technology, business, and regulatory content focused on natural gas trading use case.  The networking sessions have lead to some real business opportunities. 

I’ll definitely be back!

Fred Stawitz
Storymakers, Inc.

Wonderful mix of expert talent in the blockchain space. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and behind-the-scenes discussions as well!

Clay Scott
MRE Consulting Ltd.

I have been following blockchain closely for over two years, and this was the first time I had the opportunity to learn the various benefits a blockchain implementation could have within my industry (ETRM Consulting). I would definitely recommend!

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